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100% Obama's Mamma... is TRASH
0 % Human cloning is unethical
100% La charte ne devrait pas être adoptée
-48% God exists
33 % recreational drugs shouldn't be outlawed
0 % Congress should adopt "Democracy Vouchers" as the sole funding for political campaigns.
45 % The "two party" system is bad for the US.
-100% be it ressolved that technology is the enemy of human progress
0 % The bombing of Hiroshima nearly 65 years ago was justifiable for the reasons shown in this video clip.
100% copyright law does more harm than good
-76% drug prohibition
-82% death penalty
43 % is superior to
100% Dick Cheney Should Be In A John Woo Film
100% religion is a human behavioural instinct
-100% Debating with this website's author is pointless because he doesn't believe in facts.
100% linux will eventually overtake microsoft
100% Linux is better than Windows
-33% global warming is happening
33 % free trade
100% The laws of the U.S. are not based on the bible.
100% The Honda Insight has a design flaw with its EGR valve.
-100% MacOS is better than Linux
100% The test at is invalid
100% Osama Bin Laden is trying to make the world a better place.
100% With enough force, cheese can go through 8 miles of titanium
25 % The protection of private property by government is authoritarian.
55 % teach evolution instead of creationism
-33% Privacy can be protected in the Information Age.
0 % A cite like this one should evolve into a vote recognized as `the will of the people`.
0 % Osama Bin Laden Is The Greatest Man On Earth
0 % gun ownership
0 % Iraq had ties to 9/11
0 % Jews Did WTC!
0 % People Who Died In THe 9/11 WTC Attack Deserved To Die
0 % Jesus Is Black
100% private property should be protected by government
0 % Will Al Gore Kill The Manbearpig???
-14% Tony Blair is the president of Japan
100% Chuck Norris doesn't churn butter. He roundhouse kicks the cows and the butter comes straight out.
0 % Al Gore Is Gay?
0 % Homosexuality Contradicts Darwin's Theory Of Natural Selection
71 % needs improvement
100% If I knew more than what I know now, my beliefs would change.
-100% dieting to lose weight is a hazard to your health
33 % Doctor-Assisted Suicide Should be Legalized for the Terminally Ill.
-14% automation will eventually decrease the number of jobs
80 % needs to be advertised
-100% The Moon is made of cheese.
38 % It is impossible to determine or express the quantity of what one does not know.

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