'debatepoint.com needs to be advertised'
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100% · wikipedia
by metric on 2004-12-28 03:28:26
create and link debatepoints for wikipedians who are in a revert/edit war.
100% · yup
by yottahz on 2005-01-02 09:05:05
wave a sign out on the street corner.
100% · PageRank
by Brainix on 2006-02-02 22:56:16
According to this checker, Debatepoint has a PageRank of 3. As a comparison, Brainix has a PageRank of 5. Perhaps we could increase our PageRank by adding Debatepoint to the Open Directory?
by music_man on 2006-02-27 02:41:29
You could have an affiliate system for users.
100% · I agree
by anonymous on 2006-03-02 21:54:41
I defo think debate point should be advertised, otherwise it's a bit duff
100% · Agree
by mbgb14 on 2006-06-16 04:20:09
I agree 100%. I just stumbled across this site from a Wikipedia link, but I don't see it on Google. Spread the word.
by anonymous on 2006-05-12 11:58:48
I'm searching for deliberative democracy tools and it was very hard to find debatepoint.
opposing arguments 10% · [make argument]
67% · too early
by metric on 2004-12-28 03:30:08
do sql optimizations and move server off of virtual linux hosting.

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