'government monitoring'
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by wikipedia on 2005-05-14 01:28:17
Increased crime detection - due to the placement of CCTV cameras, the success rate of conviction is increased as criminals are more likely to be convicted due to the increased ability to prove a suspect committed an offence.
0% · terrorism
by wikipedia on 2005-05-14 01:29:05
Prevention of terrorism - terrorist activities need coordination and this is often done using electronic equipment. If communications between devices can be monitored, the activities of terrorists can be prevented before any terrorist attacks are carried out.
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100% · liberty
by wikipedia on 2005-05-14 01:30:36
Surveillance infringes on civil liberties - there is a lack of anonymity if facial recognition systems can be used, for example, to identify protestors in a demonstration.
100% · not effective
by wikipedia on 2005-05-14 01:30:57
CCTV cameras displace crime, rather than eliminate it - criminals move to areas where CCTV is not in place.
100% · reverse effect
by wikipedia on 2005-05-14 01:31:20
Monitoring can be used in committing crime, for example Police officers have been caught using cameras to invade the personal privacy of women walking through airports.
100% · corruption
by wikipedia on 2005-05-14 01:31:52
Gathering data about many people in one place (the monitoring center) provides a valuable source of data for undesirable activities

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