'teach evolution instead of creationism'
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title: 'Science doesn't recogonise belief's'
text: 'Science doesn't recognise or teach belief's only theories and fact's based on repeatable observasions and studies. Not on unprovable belief's, phylosophies or religious views. If this were the case then we'd also have to teach other creation theories like budisum, Douisum etc.. Not just catholisum's ID belief. Equal airtime as it were. Call it what you want catholisum or ID theory whatever you want it's still advancing religion and as such can't (or shouldn't) be taugh in public schools due to seperation of church and state in the US so it's a mute discusion. Besides their is already a venue for the equal airtime of ID theory it's called church and sunday school so it's not like ID isn't or can't be taugh to thoughs willing to hear it. This is just pushing for forced teaching in schools as a way around the church state seperation.'
date: 2005-08-05 17:23:23
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