'death penalty'
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by anonymous on 2005-01-22 00:40:17
That's all nice and well, but then the person killing the killer should forfeit their right to live also... My point is this: We no longer live in a society where nature can kill you at any opportunity with little warning. Our society discusses and debates. While I understand the feeling behind the sentiment, it does little to create harmony. Another point is that if you look at the animal kingdom, there is no concept of an eye-for-and-eye. The Lion killing an Antilope does not get set upon by the family of the Antilope.
by anonymous on 2005-04-21 08:28:47
Only if that is the contract that has been made. Different contracts are possible.

For example, we can all make a contract with society to perpetuate a better society, and in return receive help from society. Someone who breaks that contract has forfeited the right to support, but noone is charged with killing them.

Such a contract does not imply communism; it simply requires that we individually reward good character.

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