'death penalty'
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0% · Common sense
by anonymous on 2005-04-20 23:01:51
What says the law? You will not imprison others! How does it say it? By imprisoning others!

I doubt anyone would seriously suggest that either a) prisons are always a bad idea or b) kidnapping people and locking them up is an acceptable thing for civilians to engage in.
0% · Re: morals
by anonymous on 2009-12-05 15:02:49
Killing is the way Nature works, hunters kills their pray to eat and survive/ populations kills enemys and competitors for survival, killing is part of the evolution. the only danger that i see in death penalty is the unsureness to be killing the right person. Maybe Justice system should be modified to apply instead of INOCENT / GUILTY judgment a LIKEABILITY Judgment, and when is a crime and is completely proven that the person is guilty, COMPLETELY proven with no doubt, (does not happen in the 100% of the cases , but happens) in that case death sentence is fine. and also im not talking about the cost for our society to keep/ feed and medical attention to people behind bars.

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