'linux will eventually overtake microsoft'
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by anonymous on 2006-08-13 01:27:37
just because something is cheaper/free does not mean people will buy it. i am sure if u look through the grocery ads you would find lots things on sale, but do u really care about it? no, u still buy grocery when ever and where ever is convenient for you. have u ever wonder y there are so many people buying sodas insteed of drinking out of fountains? tanning rooms? the freaking sun is right outside!! why do people stop by starbucks to get their 4 dorra a cup of coffee when they could make their woman make it for 'em:p. you have to remember most people have lives, they have other priorities other than computers. they won't know what other oses are out there for them to obtain even if given the choice. comp nerds have to stop thinking that they are superior than anyone who don't know the difference of differnt oses out there. i am sure there are mechanical buffs out there pointing and laughing about how oridnary people(which will usually include comp nerds) get ripped off by mechanics when they could of done the deed and fix their pile of junk up themselves. what ms is doing is no worse than the mechanics around the corner, the coke companies, nike, or any other opotunistic entrepreneurs.

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